9/ 19/ 2022 :: Fasting and Writing.

Happy Monday!

Our schedule at Tampa Bay Solar is backed up 5 months, so I’m making very little effort to sell new deals in the hopes that we can get back to a 2 month lead time. Soon.

No one wants to wait 5 months to get their solar installed.

I’m using this time to finish my 3rd book and slim down to 170 lbs.

THOSE 2 things, nothing else.

I was 206 this morning.

Last time I ate was last night (Sunday at 9PM) so I’m going to try a 3 or 4 day fast this week.

I record each fast in my old timey paper planner.

It takes at least a 24 hour fast to start to rewire your brain. Your weight will drop consistently with weekly fasting, at my age fasting is the only thing that works for weight loss.

I fast during the week, eat on a more normal schedule on weekends.

I’m also doing the “One More” Push-up Challenge.

I started 2 weeks ago by doing my max push-ups, then each day I added ONE MORE to that max.

I could do 28 this morning, but my extra weight makes it harder.

My goal is to slim down enough to do 70 push-ups in one shot.

70 / 170. Wrote that formula on my bathroom mirror.

Have a great Monday y’all.

Ben Alexander

September 19th 2022.

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