Chaos from Venice SOUTH.

TWO days after Hurricane Ian blew over I borrowed an F250 and loased it up with water, tools and a chainsaw, and headed south enroute to Ft. Myers.

I got a deal on 40 cases of bottles water.

The farther south I drove the more damage was evident, everywhere. Rte 75 was actually flooded over, so I got off the highway in Venice. It was pretty chaotic, NO power, so most traffic lights were out, NO gas, anywhere… but I still had half a tank left in the Ford.

There were homeowners in Venice with downed trees, so I pulled up and asked them if I could help, at no charge. Spent the day on the chainsaw, chopping stuff down and pulling it to the curb.

It was a beautiful day, lovely blue sky… in the low 80’s.

Stopped in a trailer park and handed out most of the bottled water.

Trailer park in Venice, right off rte 41.

At that point I had enough gas to go another 80 miles south, into an area that might not have gas, or drive North, out of the damage zone, and regroup.

But if I get stuck down there that’s not helping anyone at all.

I started driving NORTH, and the gas shortages ended just below Tampa.

I’m going to go back down in a few days, taking extra fuel, a heavy duty chainsaw, more rope and more water. There is still a need down there, and there will be for months.

I’d rather go down there and help rather than sell solar up here in Tampa, so I’m pushing the leads out to our team.

Funny thing is, after a day on the chainsaw I fell asleep dogtired, but feeling good.

If I won the lottery I’d volunteer full time, anywhere in the world.

I’m regrouping now, might go back down in a few days. I’ll write about it here.

Ben Alexander

October 2022

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