Reagan’s Star Wars Initiative never died.

This is pure speculation, but follow my logic here:

If you live in the USA you don’t have to lose sleep worrying about a nuclear attack from either Russia or North Korea.

This is why.

Our DOD has been spending $700 to $900 billion per year (inflation adjusted) developing the best weapons technology available on the planet since the end of WWII.

Our military leaders saw what Germany did to London with V-2 rockets during WWII…

Certainly we have developed some sort of top secret orbital laser defense network that has been quietly orbiting the planet for the last 30 years, ready for a nuclear missile attack at any moment.

A laser beam travels at 300,000 kilometers per second, an incoming ICBM moves at 8 kilometers per second. The missile is fast, but lasers are 37,000 times FASTER.

The laser is going to prevail, especially with a computer guidance system that can retarget each missile every few milli-seconds.

There is also unimpeded line of sight once the ICBM climbs higher than cloud cover, provided there are enough low orbit satellites in the defense network.

I think Reagan’s “Star Wars” intiative from the 1980’s never died, they just kept quietly developing it.

Think about it, a comprehensive laser defense would knock intercontinental missiles out of the sky and the US government can innocently claim “that North Korean missile malfunctioned, and fell in the North Pacific, poor North Korean workmanship.”

No one would see it, except for some of the astronauts in the International Space Station who might observe bright flashes of light, and multiple explosions high up in the stratosphere…

Of course, in the nightmare scenario in which Russia launches hundreds of nuclear missiles at the USA mainland…. and all of those missiles get destroyed inside of a 5 minute window…. then RUSSIA would certainly know something was amiss.

The system would no longer be secret.

Of course, if Mother Russia launched all her nukes at the USA, then we destroyed them ALL midair… what happens to a bear when you remove her teeth and claws?

Makes her that much easier to kill.

(written October 2022)

PS… if I get audited by the IRS after writing this you’ll all know why.

Also… If I get poisoned on a train blame that dickless bastard Putin.

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