Ocean swims, ballroom dancing.

Don’t drink margaritas… then donate blood.

I did this on Friday afternoon, and it knocked me out cold by 3pm!

That night I drank some coffee and took Olga to a “dance party” at the local dance studio in Tampa where we have been taking ballroom dancing lessons!

At one point I had to sit down, the room was spinning…..

Saturday afternoon I took Olga to the beach at Ft. Desoto, and we swam out in the ocean until a storm front blew through.

We had a nice dinner in Tierra Verde, this pic was taken from the rooftop bar at the Hyatt :::::

Olga loves going to the beach, and the Gulf is getting a little cooler now, but we both get out there and exercise. She’s a strong swimmer, and very healthy all around. Right now she wants to go to the beach as much as possible, before the water gets too cold in a few months.

I like coldwater swims, been doing them for years now.

Sunday morning I sang in the church choir, which keeps my voice in decent shape.

Olga does not go to church with me.

I’m OK with that; faith was not a part of Olga’s life when she grew up in the (former) USSR. I don’t want to force it on her, because I would not want someone to do the same to me.

Ukraine was part of the USSR before 1991, Olga’s primary language is Russian, she was born in Tbilisi Georgia, then came to Ukraine when she was 24 years old.

Both Olga and her daughter Vlada were upset over the missile attacks this past week all over Ukraine.

On Sunday Olga and I drove out to Indian Rocks Beach, and we swam in the ocean again, got some sun…

Vlada stayed home, she’s not a fan of the beach like her mother.

… Sunday night my parents invited us over for dinner, and it was lovely to spend time with them.

This upcoming Sunday I’m hosting, Mom and Dad will be there, along with my brother and his son, and some friends as well.

Ben Alexander

October 17 :: 2022

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