214 to 203? Fasting again.

A few years ago I got into the “one meal per day” plan and got down to 190 lbs. I felt really great, but I didn’t keep the habit and when Olga moved in with me I started to eat more, drink more wine and this summer I got up to 214 lbs, feeling kinda fat and slow.

No guy looks better with a gut, even Santa looks better when he trims down.

One of the main factors that makes guys look older is that extra 30 pounds.

I’m back on 24 hour fasting, plus a 36 hour fast from Sunday night to breakfast Tuesday. This lets me have a nice Sunday dinner with family, then I don’t eat again until Tuesday morning.

Monday is the easiest day to NOT eat, because there are less social invitations on the typical Monday.

All I have on a typical Monday is coffee, water, and a multivitamin. Fasting is really NOT that hard once you get used to it. Your body does not need constant food, and a 36 hour fast lets your digestive system rest and recuperate.

If you can do 36 hours then 48 hours is pretty easy, but I’ve only done longer fasts once in awhile.

I went down to Fort Myers 2 weeks ago and helped some folks from the church cut down trees and clear brush, I only did dinner those days, and felt fine.

Operating a chainsaw for a few days in the sunshine is a great workout!

I drank tons of water and sweated it all out again. It felt great.

Yesterday I swam laps and mowed my lawn while fasting, this morning I’ll hit the pool (coldwater) around 7AM, then have a decent breakfast with a bunch of guys from the church at 8AM.

I don’t know why overweight people pay someone else to mow their lawn.

That’s a free workout!

I’d like to find my reset weight and stay there… maybe 175, maybe 180?

I turn 49 in a few months, and my best strategy for long term health is swimming, push-ups and fasting.

Happy Tuesday!

Ben Alexander

October 18 :: 2022

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