Halloween, 2022.

This was my costume from 10 years ago…

The only thing I’m buying for Halloween today is a pizza, then hanging out with my parents to hand out candy in their neighborhood.

I’m not handing out candy at my house, I’m never here on Halloween.


October was a weird month, because I made ZERO effort to sell solar!

I still closed $210K in deals, but all those were deals that dropped in my lap. I did not TRY to sell, at all.

That’s the beauty of being in the same sales job long enough to have a huge base (600+) of clients.

The reason I’m NOT selling intentionally is that our install teams are backed up to MARCH, so if I sell a ton of jobs my install crews will get buried until next summer.

WEIRD thing about 2022?

I spent a MONTH away, volunteering in Ukraine, yet this has been my biggest solar sales year hands down.

PART of the reason for the boost in sales was pending FL state legislation that looked like the government was going to outlaw Net Metering for all solar buyers that bought after January 1rst of 2024.

THAT ONE (anti-solar) BILL boasted solar sales like crazy, there was a RUSH to buy solar before the bill was passed.

Then DeSantis vetoed the bill! A Republican killed a Republican sponsored bill!

DeSantis is going to run for President in 2024… and he knows a job-killing anti-solar bill would look bad for him.

Another reason I sold a ton of deals? When you volunteer all over people TRUST you more.

The more I try to be a decent guy the more I sell, go figure.

So what did I do in October ??????????????

Hurricane Ian relief?

I started the month by going down to Punta Gorda and volunteering with a Methodist Church in Estero, chopping up trees… came back here and did the same… bought an electric chainsaw and got good at using it…

Got really good at sharpening chainsaw chains… and all that work in the sunshine was one hell of a workout.

My buddy Marcus had his Father and Brother over from England, and I liked them far more than Marcus.

This is me & Tony Price, a sailor, adventurer and All Around Cool Guy.

I was cutting down trees with Marcus, Adrian and Tony last Friday.

Tony is 75 and he works like a 20 year old!

Marcus is a new father, at 53 years of age!

Me and baby Apollo Price:

He’s cute, gets that from his Mother, fer sure.

Someday Apollo will run for President of the United States, and this will be a Very Famous Moment.


I donated blood this month, after drinking some margaritas for lunch… someone out there got an unexpected buzz….

We hosted two Sunday dinners in October :::::

Lotsa surprise guests, even a Super Secret CIA agent Who Shall Not Be Named…

My Ukranian Sweethearts helped me host. We work as a team.

Lotsa love in my household nowadays… I don’t mind being outnumbered by Beautiful Eastern European Ladies.


Our Friends Maryleeeeeeeee and Stefaaaaaaaaaan are really big supporters of Ukraine :::: hence the Blue and Gold…

Olga and I met these crazy kids at an InterNations networking event.

Stefaan was in the Belgian Airforce, he’s also known internationally for his exotic Sock Dancing. (Don’t ask, I won’t tell….) MaryLee was a professional Lion Tamer for the Turkish Circus…..

That still might be classified actually… don’t be surprised if this blog post is redacted by Interpol !!!!

Also, in October….

Olga and I have been taking a pre-marriage class with Pastor Russ at Harvester church, and this has been beneficial.

I’m a flawed Christian, but I try to get my heart right as I get older.

To sum up October of 2022 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I’m thankful for having TOO many sales and a backed up install crew!

I thank God every single day to have Olga and her daughter Vlada in my life.

I’m grateful to have Mom and Dad here, along with our Friends and Fellow Maniacs.

Happy Halloween!

Ben Alexander

October 31 :: 2022

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