DeSantis will be the next President, Oy.

This past Tuesday Ron DeSantis won the governers race in Florida with a 19% point margin over Charlie Crist, a former governer and Senator who has been well known in this state for the last 30 years.

This was a resounding Republican victory, because across the rest of the United States many Republicans promoted by Trump LOST, so the “red wave” that was predicted to turn the House and Senate into a firm Republican dominated government did NOT happen.

Voters still voted for Democrats despite the overturn of Roe v Wade, despite high gas prices, despite record levels of inflation!

Many of the Repubicans that lost were “election deniers”… and I suspect that American voters have grown weary of the liars and bullshit artists who have pushed this narrative.

Voters have grown weary of delusional idiots.

There are 2 camps in the Republican party: educated conservatives who read books and are capable of critical thinking like Liz Cheney, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, even Ron Desantis… then there is the Delusional Idiot contingent led up by The Don himself and all his followers; blithering idiots like Marjorie Taylor Green, Mike Lindell, Rudy Guliani, Tucker Carlson, everyone on NewMax, etc…

The Blithering Idiot faction was finally rejected in the midterm election, perhaps Republicans are ready to reject this group of voters who have been bringing their party down to the lowest denominator since Trump started his campaign back in 2015.

And THIS is why DeSantis will be the next President.

The stats make sense:

We have a family man, married to ONE woman since 2010. He’ll be 46 years old in 2024, he was educated at Yale and Harvard, his track record here in Florida shows solid economic growth, even during Covid19, while the rest of the country went into economic stagnation.

ALSO, the Democrats seem incapable of putting forth a solid younger candidate that moderates and even some Republicans will vote for.

Uncle Joe beat Trump in the last election… but there is no way he’s running for another term… he’s 103 years old now.

It is TIME for the Dems to find the next Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, someone with charisma and smarts who can go head to head with DeSantis in a presidential debate.

DeSantis worked as a lawyer in the Navy, so he’s going to be solid in any kind of televised debate.

the Dems need a family man, someone with a solid record, someone who will appeal to voters from BOTH parties.

I’m done with Old Fogey politicians like Putin, Biden, Xi in China, etc.

I’d love to see world leaders my age or YOUNGER at this point.

I don’t think the Dems will find anyone strong enough to beat DeSantis.

I’m not happy about “Ron” being our next President, but here I am in November of 2022 predicting that outcome.

Let’s see if I’m right.

Ben Alexander


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