I started a new business.

Sales have been slow at Tampa Bay Solar… signs of an impending recession… so I’ve been doing a bunch of volunteering.

That’s me, sharpening a chainsaw somewhere out in East Pasco county.

Last night I spent $40 to launch a new website:


I’m still a partner at Tampa Bay Solar, but I’d like to do some consulting with OTHER solar companies that don’t compete with TBS.

Why not? I have the time, the knowledge… and six years of experience closing solar deals.

There is only so much I can do with Tampa Bay Solar, our install team is 4 months backed up.

If I sell a gazillion $$ in deals right now it would actually be BAD for TBS.

I can consult with solar companies across the USA via phone, email or Zoom, and I’m sure there are solar companies that could use my help.

It’s a pretty narrow niche. The idea might not work at all.

We’ll see. I spent $40 and few hours on the website.

It’s fun.

Ben Alexander

November 17th : 2022

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