The Younger Dryas, and a 400 foot rise in sea levels.

Interesting video here:

The conventional academic wisdom of the last few decades have taught that humans settled down into organized civilizations only about 8,000 years ago. Previous to that time archeologists estimate that homo sapiens lived in small bands of hunters and gatherers, going back 200,000 years.

There is new evidence popping up that points to a massive heating event 12,800 years ago that made sea levels rise 400 feet.

This could have been multiple comets hitting the North Pole, or a huge solar flare event…

After that “great flood” there was massive cooling of the earth, perhaps from ash thrown up into the atmosphere from the impact.

A massive impact from a comet might also set off large volcanic eruptions all over the planet.

Humans have always lived near water, so a 400 foot rise in sea levels would wipe out millions of people, and perhaps many of these flooded population centers are still underwater. Of course, any artifacts covered in salt water for 12,800 years would probably be long gone.

There is also the time factor, what happens to the remains of lost civilizations after 12,800 years?

What if there were advanced human civilizations far earlier, like 100,000 years ago, but time and decay have eliminated all traces of these ancient cities?

This all came from a podcast I was listening to on my morning walk.

Ben Alexander : Dec 7th : 2022

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