Tree Growth and the Coriolis Effect.

Take a gander at these trees in my community:

Tree #1

Tree #2

Trees 3 & 4 …

If you watch Florida weather you might notice that hurricanes (north of the equator) rotate counterclockwise, while large storms and Typhoons south of the equater rotate clockwise.

This is due to the Coriolis effect, at the equator the earth rotates about 1,000 miles per HOUR, so storms spin in specific directions as a result of Coriolis forces.

Scroll up and look at those trees again… they are all twisting counterclockwise, this is clearly indicated in the growth pattern.

In all the hundreds of trees in my subdivision I could not find a single tree growing in the opposite direction clockwise.

I looked on Google for more information about and could not find anything.

I think trees in this area grow in a counterclockwise direction because of Coriolis forces, but only way to prove this is to look at how trees are growing south of the equator.

I’m not a botanist, just a nerd interested in lotsa stuff.

Hope you find this interesting!

Ben Alexander

December 15 : 2022

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