The Sunday before Christmas.

Weather is sunny in the 60’s today. Went for a ride after church.

Bought this machine about a year ago. Big engine with plenty of torque, 1200 cc’s. This bike is built for zero to 80mph.

I’ve taken it up to 120mph… but it’s really not designed for triple digit speeds.

I’m not into hyper speed like I used to be… this was the ZX-14R that I owned 2 years ago. It was nuts, 190 mph top end.

This pic of my old Kawasaki just popped up in my “2 years ago” Google pics.

I guess Google wants to help me remember stuff… like going up rte 75 at 170 mph.

Full tuck, chest touching the gas tank. Lotsa wind and noise. Exciting, but not really fun.


I rode my Indian until my clutch hand was sore, then I went and hit tennis balls for exercise.

Tonight I’m taking Olga out for dinner at a Russian restaurant in Tampa, down in Hyde Park.

Bought some small gifts today…

Next Saturday is Christmas Eve, I’m having a big party at my house that night, after the 4PM service at church.


This past Friday Olga and I went to her friend’s wedding:

It was a little chaotic. Her friend was a bit of a bridezilla (she doesn’t read my blog).

I like this pic with Olga:

We were both laughing about something.

Olga has a great laugh, sometimes I do goofy shit just to make her laugh.


Solar biz has been quiet since Mid-November. We had to increase our prices, so that might be part of the slowdown.

Our crews are still booked into April, the dry sunny weather will help us catch up to the backlog.

The sales side and install side should always be balanced.

If our sales team sells TOO MUCH and the installs get backed up… not much I can do to speed it along.

I’m doing some consulting work for solar companies outside the state of Florida, that’s going well.

As I type this the window is open in my front office… I should go back outside!

Maybe take a long walk in the sunshine? Go see the alligators at the pond?

I hope everyone who reads this has a nice ChrismaHannaQwannzaa!

Ben Alexander

Decmeber 18 : 2022

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