Test driving the VW awd ID4… with caveats.

There are 2 versions of the VW ID4, one is rear wheel drive with a 190hp electric motor… I test drove it back in 2021 and really liked it…

… but I wanted to test drive the all wheel drive 290hp version, and I got to do that yesterday.

I would not buy a car with less than 200 horsepower, not unless I was broke, homeless and had no other options.

I’ve owned 2 plug-in electric vehicles, a 2013 Chevy Volt and my current 2017 Chevy Volt (with 130,000 miles on it).

The Volt can also run on gas, but the car is far superior on full electric mode; smooth, really quiet, really zippy off the line.

I’ve test driven different Tesla Models, the Chevy Bolt, even the Fisker….

BY FAR my favorite is the all wheel drive 290hp Volkswagon ID4.

TWO electric motors, one for each axel. Awesome power delivery. No torque steer.

My other car is a 2015 Acura with a 290hp V6, so driving a gas powered car with 290hp back to back with a full electric rated with the same horsepower is a really interesting way to compare apples to apples.

The Volkswagon wins, hands down. Smoother than any gas powered car, much faster off the line, quiet as hell.

My good ole Acura has to row through the gears, slowly shifting up to speed.

Gas engines are great above 70 mph, but there is so much drama to get there.

Gas makes a car clunky.

With an electric drivetrain acceleration is effortless, like a magic carpet ride on steroids.

I merged onto the freeway and hit 90mph in the ID4 like it was nothing.

THIS is the future, anyone who test drives the ID4 will not want to go back to a gas powered anything.

Full electric is just better, gas powered cars are yesterday’s technology, no matter how much they refine gas engines, smooth out the transmission… electric feels better.

It’s more fun to drive.

BUT and this is a huge BUTT, like on the people at Walmart…. a quick YouTube search reveals that the VW ID4 has a ton of software glitches.

Dumb stuff that a billion dollar company like VW should have fixed before they let the car out of the factory.

One solution?

VW should make their software developers drive the ID4 until the glitches are fixed.

If they do that I’ll trade my beat up Volt for a couple of grand and pick up an ID4.

Meanwhile? I might check out the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or the Kia EV6.

I’ll write about it, fer sure.

Now I gotta go shopping for my Christmas Eve party!

Ben Alexander

12 : 22 : 2022

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