I cracked the code on Book Three.

The new book is already at 5,000 words, and I started writing this past Sunday.

30 minutes of writing every morning, then I STOP.

That gives me 23 hours to come up with the next 1,000 words.

30 minutes daily is 182 hours of writing per year. That’s an entire book.

900 words a day, times 365 …. that’s 330,000 words.

I’ve also been doing 30 push-ups every morning to reach 10,000 push-ups on the year.

I know, 5 days in is not a habit… yet.

All I have to do is keep writing my book 30 minutes every morning.

In a minute I’m putting on my shoes to go for a 30 minute walk.

If it takes longer that’s ok.

Writing is 100% self discipline, and I have LACKED the right habits for the last 48 years.

As long as a few solar leads rolled in and I was paying the bills I SETTLED for that. Oy.

GOD wants me to live up to my potential, and watching goofy YouTube shorts and getting FAT does not help me get there.

Also… gotta take down the Christmas tree today… and the rest of the lights on my house.

It’s January, the New Year awaits!

Ben Alexander

Jan 5 : 2023

UPDATE JAN 22 ::: book is coming along, about 45 pages, 18,000 words.

I’ve stayed consistent.

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