I’ve been absent for MONTHS! This is why.

On January 1rst I started writing my 3rd book, titled 2023.

Writing 30 minutes daily has kept me away from this blog, mainly because my book is a record of THIS year, so I’m writing about 2023 in the book, not on this platform.

In January I also started building my YouTube channel: The Uncle You Wish You Had.

It’s full of goofy shit, like this:

As of today my little YouTube channel has about 700 subscribers, and I need 1,000 subs to monetize…. so I’m trying to build my channel into another stream of income.

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YouTube shorts are far more relevant an reach a wider audience than any other creative medium, so my energy is focused in that direction. Also, I’ve never made a dime off this blog…. where would YOU focus your energy?

This blog might get 50 views daily, while the YT channel can get 4,000 to 10,000 daily views!

I’m still selling solar, sales have been slower since the big rush this past summer when the general public thought they were losing the 26% tax credit. When Biden took the tax credit back up to 30% for the next decade it killed any sense of urgency in regards to the general public buying solar.

Oh yeah, I went to the Philippines !!!!!!!!!!

Now that I’m back I’m uploading videos about THAT trip, and all the interesting things that took place over there.

I hope you are having a wonderful April, I will publish my next book on January 1rst, 2024.

Ben Alexander

April 2023.

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