Online dating, IQ and Compatibility

In this pic :: my ex’s daughter put her foot on my forehead. Makes for a wacky selfie, right?

My marriage ended in 2017, so I went online and dated on and off. I met someone in January of 2019 and was in a committed relationship until the end of 2020.

It was an uneven relationship, we wanted different things, so I was back on the dating scene in 2021.

Since 2017 I’ve probably dated TOO much, and what I’ve realized is that intelligence, mutual desire and basic honesty are the three most important factors to seek out.

A smart woman can’t date an average IQ guy. She’ll eventually sense the cognitive gap and might even lose respect for him. Same for a smart guy with an average IQ woman.

There are more folks who have an average IQ than a higher IQ. A human with an IQ over 130 points is only 2.5% of the population, so that individual has far less options.

IQ is on a bell curve, so anyone with a 110 IQ will match with 60% of the population!

Once you whittle down your dating pool to 2.5% then you must assess if your partner is honest or not.

Honesty and character are hard to ascertain, but there are markers of it:

  1. How someone treats their family.
  2. Longevity at any job.
  3. Credit score.
  4. Your intuitive sense about that person.

Once you find a SMART and HONEST person then you have to ask yourself if mutual attraction exists.

I know, so many hoops to jump through!

Ben Alexander

November 30th 2021

America is not ready for President Pete Buttigieg.

There has been recent buzz about Pete Buttigieg being Biden’s successor for the 2024 election.

Buttigieg is a brilliant and accomplished veteran, with a husband.

I personally have no problem with him, but an openly gay president would bring out the hate in the same way Barack Obama was hated by racist bigots all over our country.

I can’t imagine the horrific narrative that the right wing media would concoct if the Democrats were to do this. Fox News would be apoplectic with hate, OAN would probably just play endless clips of men in speedos marching in Pride parades.

Of course, this type of rhetoric would embolden OPEN violence against the LGBTQ community.

If the Dems want to win they need a moderate candidate, under age 65, who can counter the insanity of the current Republican party and actually win an election.

There has to be a well spoken, non controversial Democrat who could win the Dem vote as well as cross over Republicans.

11/ 27/ 2021

Gonna try out for a PLAY!

The Carrollwood Players in Tampa are putting on a Broadway musical from the 1950’s called Once Upon a Mattress.

I haven’t performed in a musical since 1992… but I’m going to tryout for this one.

I loved doing musicals, don’t know why I stopped.

My baritone voice is a good fit for these types of shenanigans.

I’m going to sing this song for the auditions on December 12th:

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Ben Alexander

November 22 :::: 2021

Roadtrip to Bryson City!

I spent my Thanksgiving up in the mountains of North Carolina, at a cabin with friends in Bryson City, NC.

I made a new friend, of the four legged variety…

That’s Maverick, he loves to run around in the woods up on the mountain… this is where I stayed (that’s Jim standing on the deck, he build this house with his brother Richard back in the 1990’s) :::

I spent some time hiking in the nearby Smoky Mountain National Park… such a lovely place to hike, even in the chilly fall weather:

The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina only reach about 7,000 feet above sea level, and these are many places to go hiking through Smoky Mountain National Park.

Of course, I wasn’t just walking, there was wood to be split back at the mountain house:

It was 30 degrees in the morning, but I still worked up a sweat splitting logs! I also took long walks with Maverick each morning… he loved to run around in the woods while I was working.

It’s nice to get some exercise on vacation, especially when you’re eating well each day.

There were a few felled trees on Jim’s property, so I took his chansaw and cleared things out a bit.

Once of the big tourist draws in Bryson City is the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad:

The Smoky Mountains Railroad is a big draw for families with kids, especially during the holidays.

For Thankgiving I had dinner at the Melting Pot with several friends in Gatlinburg. It was NOT traditional, but we had fun.

This morning I was up and on the road before sunrise, and got back to my house in Wesley Chapel by 4PM this afternoon.

It was a nice change of scenery, I had some great conversation with some lovely folks, and I’ll never forget this Thanksgiving!

Ben Alexander

November 26th :: 2011

Prosperity leads to a better climate ::

I agree with JP’s point in this video.

The early adopters of rooftop solar and electric cars tend to be financially successful consumers.

  1. You have to OWN the house to put solar on it.
  2. Most folks who have bought solar from me have a household income in excess of $120,000 per year.
  3. Most of my clients have a 4 year degree.
  4. When I’ve tried to sell solar to LESS successful people it was a total failure.

Long term thinkers with an ABOVE average IQ are buying solar and electric cars.

It was like this when I sold the Prius for Toyota 20 years ago. The early Prius buyers were high income engineers, college professors, software engineers, etc.

For contrast, look at the men who drive giant gas guzzling pick ups (on lift kits)… this is a common demographic here in Florida.

These men tend to be UNDEReducated, and their thinking is about emotion, not logic.

I don’t have to tell you how these guys vote, you already know. Just look for the banner flying 12 feet above the ground, mounted to a pole in the back of their truck… these are the same guys you see tailgaiting small cars on the highway.

I say “Guys” here because most women do not drive huge trucks on lift kits. They are more sensible about their money.

A redneck will spend $10,000 to lift his truck 8 inches higher, but he’ll never spend a dime on solar.

This is also the type of guy who lives in an apartment but spends $60,000 on his truck…

I can trash redneck men here on my blog because these men rarely READ anything, let alone a blog about solar tech.


I save far more money having solar on my roof and using that electricity to fule my car, about $350 per month LOWER energy costs between less spent in gasoline combined with electricity.

$350 per month = $4200 per year = $42,000 per decade

MINUS the $18,000 I spent on solar = $24,000 BACK in my pocket, tax free income.

Cost of my (used) 2017 Volt was $20,000, about the same as any used Toyota or Honda.

ALSO, the solar on my roof has increased the resale $$ value on my home.

More educated folks already know this.

Ben Alexander

11/12 ::::::::::::::: 2021

New Mexico trip: November 2021

I was in New Mexico last week and I saw some amazing geological wonders.

No way my cell phone pics do Carlsbad justice, but this video gives you a better idea:

You gotta just get on a plane to El Paso and see Carlsbad Caverns for yourself.

There is nothing manmade that even comes close, really.

Also amazing, White Sands National Park:

The gypsum sand dunes were cool to the touch, and stretch out over 200 square miles of desert in the southern part of New Mexico.

You can sled down the dunes!

These dunes were formed by gypsum deposits from an ancient sea that covered the Southwest 260 million years ago.

Pics don’t do it justice, really.

Also got to see the world’s largest pistachio in Alamogordo…

You can see a little Supermodel got in this pic… trying to upstage the giant nut!

I was in NM with my good friend and her 5 yr old daughter…

Some silliness took place while on vacation :::::::::::

We went to New Mexico in November because the weather was still in the 70’s during the day… and discovered that the leaves were changing as well!

November is a great time to visit the Southwestern United States in general.

Anywhere trees were growing (mostly in valleys) there were brilliant splashes of vibrant yellow.

We visited Sante Fe and hiked in the mountains just north of the city. It was cool and piney at 10,000 feet, we could feel our hearts pounding as we climbed up the mountains in thinner air.

I’m used to Tampa sea levels, for sure.

New Mexico is full of topographical contrast; rolling lowlands, flat desert, and pine forest in the mountains.

Driving across the desert is fun:

I rented a Ford Edge SUV and I looked down at the speedo surprised to find myself going 100+ mph!

Vast, empty, and beautiful… especially at sunset!

With no trees you can see 20 miles out on either side of the road. At one point I looked at the mountains up ahead and tracked the distance it took to get there… the range was 30 miles from my original observation point!

There are so many cool things to see across the United States, and each trip is unique and different.

I’ve been walking 10,000 Fitbit steps for the last two months (had knee surgery back in March) and all that walking certainly made this New Mexico trip more dynamic, more fun, and pretty healthy all around!

As winter begins my options lessen… who wants to go hike with me?

Not sure where next trip will take me.

Ben Alexander

November 9th :::::::::::::::: 2021

Elon Musk solves world hunger?

Watch the video first…

If the officials at the United Nations come up with a tangible plan I think Musk will pony up.

But… do they have a plan, or is the United Nations just blowing smoke for publicity?

Elon Musk is NOT about the money, he wants humanity to move forward in terms of green tech, rooftop solar, electric cars and helping humanity become a multi-planet species.

Musk started a non-profit called Open AI to fight back against advanced Artificial Intelligence falling into the wrong hands.

If Elon donates $6 billion to end world hunger that’s like a middle class person donating $500 to the church at Christmas.

BUT, he wants an actual PLAN, and the UN does not have a plan.

This guy lives in a tiny house, works 70 hours a week… and people are still pissed off at him.

Disclosure : Tampa Bay Solar sells the Tesla Powerwall II.

I have not sold my first Powerwall YET, but I’m sure I’ll sell hundreds in the next few years, no doubt.

But I liked Elon’s philosophy and thinking long before I could sell his product.

Hope y’all have a great day!

Ben Alexander

November 2 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2021

NDE’s and the truth ::

Most Sunday mornings you can find me singing in the choir at the local Methodist church, but I’m not going to claim that only Christians have the monopoly on the truth in regards to what happens after death.

Tens of thousands of humans have had Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and many of those folks have been interviewed after.

I agree that some of these folks could be lying through their teeth, for various reasons, but my intuition tells me that MANY of these stories ring true. None of us will REALLY know the complete truth about eternity until AFTER we breathe our last breath.

I can also see how fundamentalist Christians might not like NDE stories because they don’t always reflect scripture.

If there is no hell nor Devil torturing sinners then organized religion loses much of its power and influence.

Actress Sharon Stone had an NDE:

Sharon Stone’s experience is very common to many other NDE accounts; the sense of love, wellbeing, that everything will be OK.

Watch some of the videos out there, especially if you are asking yourself the BIG questions.

Ben Alexander

October 30 ::::::::::::::::::: 2021