The Light on the other side of the Door….


As I write this I am listening to some utterly gorgeous choral works on YouTube:

Back in my first two years of college I studied opera and sang in an awesome little chamber choir that toured Europe and sang sacred choral works in ancient cathedrals such as St. Paul’s in London, Notre Dame in Paris, and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

To be around such beautiful music in my formative years was a great blessing.

As I approach 40 years on this planet I’ve grown in my own personal Faith and find myself reconnecting with that which is sacred, that which is beautiful, and the miracles that we find all around us yet choose to ignore sometimes, to our detriment.

I’m convinced that things which are beautiful are synonymous with Light, which is also synonymous with God and the abiding LOVE and beauty which underpins the entire universe.

What if all the most beautiful things we experience here on earth are merely a tiny bit of His light that has filtered out from behind the door of mortality?

The smile on a child, a radiant sunset, the most beautiful music you will ever experience here on Earth…. is merely the tiniest glimpse of the Light that awaits us…

Perhaps there is no place for darkness on the other side of that mortal curtain, no place for evil, no place for ignorance or ugliness. There is only Light, only that which is good and noble and lovely.

Perhaps this is WHY we are drawn to beauty here on earth, that which is sublime, that which is good….

And we do not have to merely observe that light, but we can become a source of beauty and love in the lives of those around us…

YOU can become a beacon of His light and love and Faith, today, right now!

O Magnum Mysterium, indeed!

Benjamin T. Alexander

February 24, 2014

We can all choose to be a beacon of light.


Every single day when we wake up we have a choice to go out into the world and be a beacon of light, a beacon of love, a source of God’s Grace.

Or choose not to.

But once you realize that you have this choice, this infinite power, why would you squander it to live another day in the darkness?

“And the light shine forth into the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”  

We are absolutely surrounded by beauty and miracles every single day, by a universe that wants us to express love and kindness to everyone we meet, even those who are in darkness and do not comprehend the light that we shine upon them.

Even if your actions are small and hardly noticed they serve to illuminate, from smiling at the clerk at the grocery store, to reaching out to a friend, or doing something kind for a child.

You can be a conduit, a messenger, a beacon of light, right now, today.  

Ben Alexander

February 22, 2014