Living YOUR life as an expression of love.


If I had not met Rachel in Taiwan on June 25th, 1995 there is a good chance that my two daughters would never have existed. My wife and my daughters have become the cornerstone of my heart and the greatest blessing in my life. For this alone I am thankful.

I cross the doorway of 40 next week, quite possibly the midpoint in my life.. and during this time I’ve been reading many books on leadership, faith and our destiny and purpose here on this planet. I am seeking learning and understanding, the illumination of the heart as well as the mind.

In this fashion I have reached a very simple yet profound conclusion about the path I’m about to set upon for the rest of my mortal existence.

I want to live my life as an expression of love.

I want to channel love, kindness, patience, light and beauty, in EVERYTHING I do…. and everyone I come into contact with. In my small way I want to create more laughter and kindness in the universe.

For too long I neglected to do this, and my potential as a human being was limited. I made all the mistakes that sprout from the gnarly roots of ego and impatience. I loved some people around me, but not at the level they deserved, probably because I was incapable of fully loving myself in those moments.

The writer Dr. Wayne Dyer says that EGO is “Edging God Out”. I love that.

If you truly allow God to come into your heart there is no further room for ego, anger, frustration or resentment. In discovering my own Faith in 2012 I cried many times as I asked God to come into my heart and wash out the mud and the muck, rinse out all the accumulated debris of a life that was NOT lived in Faith, a life that was lived far below the potential that He has ALWAYS had in store for me.

Everything in your life stems from the intentions in your heart, from being a parent, to running a business, to the marriage that you choose to have.


As I wrote this I was listening to this music:


Benjamin T. Alexander

March 1rst, 2014

We can all choose to be a beacon of light.


Every single day when we wake up we have a choice to go out into the world and be a beacon of light, a beacon of love, a source of God’s Grace.

Or choose not to.

But once you realize that you have this choice, this infinite power, why would you squander it to live another day in the darkness?

“And the light shine forth into the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”  

We are absolutely surrounded by beauty and miracles every single day, by a universe that wants us to express love and kindness to everyone we meet, even those who are in darkness and do not comprehend the light that we shine upon them.

Even if your actions are small and hardly noticed they serve to illuminate, from smiling at the clerk at the grocery store, to reaching out to a friend, or doing something kind for a child.

You can be a conduit, a messenger, a beacon of light, right now, today.  

Ben Alexander

February 22, 2014



“It all depends on the one you feed…….”


From an old Cherokee parable…..

The Cherokee Chief is talking to his grandson:

“Your entire life there will be two wolves that are always at war within you, one is full of ego, anger and hate, he represents fear, bitterness, jealousy, frustration, revenge, and darkness. The other wolf radiates with light and love, he is kindness, hope, compassion, understanding and reconciliation.”

The young man pondered this for a minute and asked a question:

“So which wolf wins?”

The Chief smiled and put his hand on his grandson’s shoulder:

“It all depends on the one you feed…….”