Gardening and Business.


written by Ben Alexander,

When I moved to Florida back in 2003 there was minimal landscaping around my home, since then my wife and I have planted several small flower gardens around the house. The growing season here is from February to November, so if you don’t get out and weed things a bit you get a jungle rather quickly.

The picture above is our front garden in the full heat of summer.

In December and January it might get down into the 40’s at night, so everything goes a bit dormant and slows down or stops growing. During our “winter” I still have to mow the lawn every 3 or 4 weeks. The rest of the year everything grows at an accelerated rate, especially if the rainfall is consistent.

My parents are visiting for Christmas next week so I’ve been sprucing things up, weeding the gardens and even planting a few flowers around the base of the mailbox. I removed about 4 trashcans full of weeds and clippings from all our gardens…. this got me thinking about weeds,  gardening, and how it all relates to business.

We have several rose species in our gardens, they’ve established deep roots and seem to weather heat and cold equally well. If you cut our roses down to a mere stalk they rebound and put out shoots, within a month or two you can’t tell they were ever pruned. The weeds, on the other hand, only have roots near the surface and you can rip them out easily, some species will wither when the temperatures get a little colder.

I’d like to think Balloon Distractions is like those tough roses in my garden, we’ve established some pretty deep roots in markets across the USA, and even though our numbers might fluctuate a bit we always rebound and survive. 

We’ve also had some weeds that needed to be removed over time, and we had to do that to keep the core business strong and vital.

Moving forward the key is to establish strong roots in as many markets as possible, when we appear on Shark Tank on January 17th it will (hopefully) help us find a bunch of good people who we can develop into successful Regional Partners in many markets throughout the USA.

Let’s grow some roses!     

Balloons for Adults!


written by Ben Alexander

Don’t get the wrong idea, all of the stuff we twist in a public place is G rated!

The guy in the pic was a customer at a restaurant in Bradenton, FL. We made him a really cool alligator balloon hat, and he is not a little kid anymore.

Of course, our priority when we twist is always the kids in the restaurant or event, but what do you do when the entire place is full of adults?

You entertain them, of course!

When I was a college kid twisting at the TGIF in Marlton NJ I would come in at 5PM, entertain the families until about 9 o’clock, then after a short break I’d twist cool stuff for the couples and drinkers until 11PM.

I made $800 twisting balloons in one week way back in 1997!

As a guy I find it easier to approach a table with the ladies, people like attention from the opposite gender as long as you do so in a respectful and fun way. If I see a group of ladies older than me I might go to their table and say:

“Hello beautiful ladies, they told me that this was the most out of control table in the entire restaurant, who would like to go to the Prom with me?” 

If someone responds or laughs I ask her what her favorite color is then make her a simple flower bracelet. If you keep it innocent and fun (and the table is outgoing) most groups will go with it and include you in the party.



Spinning Plates!

Lots of plates spinning….



written by Ben Alexander

I learned earlier this week that Balloon Distractions’ segment on Shark Tank is going to air on January 17th, 2014 … at the same time my parents are traveling to Florida to visit for the holidays I have to rent out this little house I own in Tampa.

I bought it in 2004 for about 58K, and its been rented out continually since then… when my last tenant left in July I put it up for sale on the market for 50K, but I keep getting ridiculous offers for well below that. So I’m going to rent it for another year or 2 and try to sell it again in 2016. I guess, who knows.  

I’m cleaning up the house and getting ready for the holidays…. the tree is up, the lights are hung….  

I’m also traveling to Ocala once a week to recruit and train college kids, stay at home Moms and military veterans on my team up there. Right now we are in a recruiting push to add at least 20 new regions in 2014. I have no idea who will find us as a result of the national exposure on Shark Tank, but I’m positive it will be good for our business.

I love military veterans, they work really hard, know how to follow standard operating procedure, and they have a very teachable manner that makes them a joy to do business with.

If you just retired from the military and you are looking for your next chapter let’s have a conversation!

I’m still looking for the magic formula that will get my idea in all 200 markets around the United States, if you are reading this and would like to develop a region with us (or maybe just twist balloons for a couple hundred $$ per week) shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there: